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An ASTUTE Royalty and Compliance Audit® is another type of forensic audit service we provide as consultants. Its purpose is to make sure the products and services you license, patent or franchise—which are all part of your intellectual property—are producing the correct amount of royalties that you should have coming from those agreements. Overall, our auditors make sure the whole royalty agreement is within compliance.

The ASTUTE Royalty and Compliance Audit® is conducted by our auditors who have Big Four accounting experience. Their expertise in multiple industries—along with our use of the latest in accounting innovation and automation—help you get through the audit faster and more accurately than ever.

The ASTUTE Royalty and Compliance Audit® can help you uncover:

  • Intentional underreporting of amount due
  • Basic human errors in calculating royalties
  • Differences in understanding what parts or services are generating royalties
  • Licensing agreement errors on contractual dates and more

In addition, the ASTUTE Royalty and Compliance Audit® offers preventative benefits:

  • Licensees and franchisees are motivated to be more careful — increasing overall accuracy
  • Increased accuracy, in turn, leads to saving substantial time

I highly recommend Astute to anyone who is looking for top quality business services.

~ Sumit Kumar
Co-Founder at Talentnook, a technology startup


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