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There’s a revolution going on in accounting—are you ready for the change? With federal and state laws constantly changing, new compliance regulations, and the shift to accounting automation, business owners often find it hard to successfully manage their accounting while keeping their business going.

That’s why we advise our clients to focus on what they do best—build their business. Likewise, we’ll focus on what we do best—maintain your financial health. Fact is, we work with company CFOs and Controllers to assist them with their CRITICAL accounting needs—from co-sourcing accounting tasks to temporarily or permanently filling any accounting gaps. These tasks include:

  • Technical accounting
    • Revenue recognition ASC606,
    • Lease Accounting ASU 842,
    • Inventory,
    • Fixed assets
  • Accounting clean-up
  • Accounting system set-ups with appropriate chart of accounts
  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Monitor financial growth
  • Draft policies and procedures
  • Review and Compilation of quarterly and annual financial statements and cash flow statements (non-attested)
  • Financial forecast and projections
  • Audit preparation assistance

... with their exceptional accounting knowledge, we were able to identify better ways for recording complex transactions and have accurate financial statements for preparing the taxes.

~ Sudhir Mehandru
~ Arvind Rajan
Co-Founders at Astute Business Solutions, Inc.,
A technology company

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