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Are your Accounts Payable keeping you up at night?

An Astute Accounts Payable Audit is a complete service that includes an electronic and manual review resulting in an in-depth assessment of where and why revenues are being lost.

With state-of-the-art technology and a team of Big Four accounting experienced experts and CPAs, Astute conducts the industry’s most comprehensive analysis of your payments, policies, and processes. From these results, we design customized cost-saving solutions to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Our Accounts Payable Audit offers Comprehensive Services:

  • Review of Accounts payable processes, policies, and procedures
  • Complete fixing of the gaps in the processes
  • Perform the Accounts Payable Audit
  • Represent external auditors in testing Accounts Payable as part of the financial audit

Astute helps identify why payments are off.
This includes uncovering instances of fraud such as:

  • Duplicate payment
  • Fictitious vendors
  • Calculation errors
  • Frauds


Discover the benefits of this compliance audit today.


Find out how to better account for time and expense. 


See how your business can stay compliant for SOX. 

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I have engaged Astute for a number of projects relating to budgets and financial reporting and have found them to be very professional and hard-working. They have taken great efforts to understand my business and its needs and to ensure that their final product meets these needs.

Samir Shah, CEO
Aurionpro Solutions, a technology company

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