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An Astute Time and Expense Audit is one of the forensic audit services we provide as consultants. Its purpose is to ensure the accuracy of expense reports and time tracking. And even more important, to uncover any waste or fraud that is detrimental to your bottom line.

The Astute Time and Expense Audit is conducted by our auditors who have Big Four accounting experience. Their expertise—along with our use of the latest in accounting innovation and automation—help you get through the audit faster and more accurately than ever.

The Astute Time and Expense Audit can help:

  • Find duplicate receipts
  • Check suspicious merchants or attendees
  • Reveal unapproved or excessive spending prior to reimbursement
  • Certify each expense against your policy
  • Maintain corporate best practices

In addition, the Astute Time and Expense Audit offers preventative benefits:

  • Employees are more careful turning in timecards and expense reports — increasing overall accuracy


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Their excellent Technical Accounting and Audit knowledge helped us clean up some of the major areas of financial statements.

~Pinakin Sheth, CFO
Infostretch Corporation, a technology company

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